Pancakeswap Exchange

Data Recap
Total Volume: $35.4B
Average Daily Volume: $1.1B
Unique traders: 4.4M
Unique onsite users: 15M
8 CAKE staker reward pools (syrup + boost)
BNB won in prediction: 232,164 BNB / $107M
Total volume of positions placed: 239,738 BNB / $132M
NFT Market trading volume: 4,031 BNB / $1.8M, of which 81 BNB was used to buy back and burn CAKE
Total burned: 27M CAKE ($322M)
Bought back from the market to burn: $22M
Total CAKE Emission Rate: 14.25/block
# of holders: 1,078,556 (+7%)
🍽✅ Served Last Month
The New IFO CAKE Pool

In December, we added staking requirements to our IFO by launching a new IFO CAKE Pool. IFO participants will need to stake CAKE in the IFO CAKE Pool in order to secure their IFO credits in the next IFO event.

The new IFO CAKE Pool attracted more than 50M CAKE on the first day of launch! Who doesn’t like a pool that allows you to stake CAKE and secure your entry for the next IFO? And most importantly — earn more CAKE with the same APR as the manual CAKE pool with auto compounding.

Learn more about IFO 3.0 and the new IFO CAKE Pool here.

IFO: Diviner Protocol (DPT)

After the launch of the IFO CAKE Pool, we held our first ever IFO in the 3.0 format. Diviner Protocol ($DPT) IFO was completed with $570M worth of CAKE (at the time of IFO) being committed to the IFO — that’s 950 times overflow! Needless to say, our community loves GameFi and Metaverse projects. And rest assured that our business development bunnies are on the path of bringing you even more.

In the meantime, we appreciate all the feedback and suggestions from our community about how to improve our IFOs. Amazingly, many of the suggestions are already presented on our roadmap for future iterations of the IFO. Remember, it is only phase ONE for now — our chefs are always cooking in the kitchen. More about this below.

Fan Token Trading Competition

In December, together with the Binance fan token team, we held our second trading competition in 2021. Together we have been giving out $120,000 worth of tokens, achievements and points based on winning tiers, and special NFTs custom made for the winning team.

During the trading competition, members from each team traded eligible pairs to gain points for their team and also for themselves. Fearsome Flippers took the lead at the very beginning, but later on the second match day, they were overtaken by Syrup Storm.

However, unlike the first trading battle in March, this time Fearsome Flippers fearlessly retook the lead and carried it all the way till the end of the competition. Taking the crown with a whopping $79M trading volume from eligible trading pairs. As a result, the purple bunny managed to take the stand on the top of the trophy this time!

There were some delays in the claiming phase for the top 500 team players. We apologize again for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Moving forward, we will be actively trying to bring you more trading competitions with other amazing partners and projects. Stay tuned!

#PancakeChristmas Community Event

The #PancakeChristmas community event started with a simple idea of “create a Christmas NFT, for the community, by the community”. This idea quickly evolved into the final #PancakeChristmas event. We saw a lot of stunning works and art created by community members all around the world. This again reminded us just how creative our lovely community is.

Take a look at the amazing works from winner and the runners up: